That’s the headline from yesterday’s press release that Harvest put out. It may also be important to note that we never put out press releases. So to say that we’re excited about having made this list is a great understatement. Every year, Inc. Magazine publishes its Inc. 500|5000 list, which is an exclusive ranking of [...]


This is a question thousands of people ponder every day in the US and around the world. Unfortunately, this isn’t a yes or no question. There are many variables to be considered before you reach an answer. 1. Do you have a unique idea or concept that brings value where it doesn’t already exist? One [...]


An Idea For Google+

March 26, 2012

Never thought I’d be dishing out advice to Google. They have made a few hundred billion more than us, but sometimes you’re too close to something to see the changes it needs. So here’s my advice to the folks over at Google. Google+ should be converted to a business focused social media site. They should [...]

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Get Rich Quick!!!!!

January 10, 2012

There are a million get rich quick schemes today. Everywhere you turn someone has an easy method to get rich. Not surprisingly, these schemes are all BS. There is no shortcut to success and wealth. There are proven paths to wealth, but they all require knowledge, planning and execution. Just like get rich quick schemes, [...]

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Decision Paralysis

January 9, 2012

Sometimes the most detrimental decision is no decision at all. It’s always important to evaluate all of the facts and resources available prior to making a decision, but you always come to the point where it’s time to $#!+ or get off the pot! Unfortunately, many businesses put off a decision completely because they’re afraid [...]

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99 Problems But A Pitch Ain’t One

September 28, 2011

I joined a kickball league with some friends. Two things you should know: 1.) When I say friends, I mean friends of friends of friends and my wife and mother-in-law, who are both quite athletic. 2.) I’m not very athletic, and trying to catch a wet, muddy rubber ball that’s just been booted by a [...]

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Leader or Follower?

September 6, 2011

When you started your company, did you model it after one of your competitors? When you launched your most recent ad campaign, did you read your competitors’ ads to see what features and benefits to stress? When you built your website, did you tell your developer to make it look like competitor A, B or [...]

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Cats And Dogs

August 17, 2011

The question is simple: Are you a cat person or a dog person? Maybe your response is immediate. I grew up with dogs. Dogs are man’s best friend. I have and always will be a dog person. Then the cat person next to you scowls. Really? You prefer an animal that licks its own butt [...]

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What Are You Consuming?

August 9, 2011

It’s the beginning of August, and we want to know what you’re reading, watching, playing or posting. If you just saw a movie, tell us what you liked about it, what they could have done better, why that director should win an award. Or if you read a good book, fiction or non-fiction, give us [...]

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The Magic Marker® School Bus

August 1, 2011

It’s the middle of the school year. You get the kids ready and watch from the window as they walk off to catch the bus. The big, yellow bus rolls down the street and comes to a stop at the end of your cove. Well, it’s not entirely yellow. A big blue ad for First [...]

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