Beer can design and retail marketing for Flyway Brewing

Be honest, you judge a beer by its can. So do we.

Flyway Brewing is a craft brewery located in North Little Rock, AR, dedicated to producing quality beer and promoting ecology and responsibility of the area’s natural land and creatures. They are known locally for offering a range of delicious craft beers in their home taproom and at restaurants and bars around the area. But to grow outside of Little Rock they needed to expand their distribution and availability through canning and marketing. 

So, they decided to apply their high standards of quality and craft to their beer cans and packaging. And that’s when we got involved.

The Challenge

The Work

Award-winning beer can designs Product marketing that stands out on a crowded grocery shelf Product suite design template that extends beyond a single brew to build a brand for Flyway Brewing

The Result

Helping Cans Take Off

We worked with Flyway to create a unique, artistic look for the first can that would be able to stand out on a crowded beer aisle. Once we got that right, we leveraged the design as a guide to visually define Flyway’s extended family of beers. To do this, we created a can template that incorporated Flyway core elements with different custom color palettes and imagery for the individual beers. The art on each can pulls inspiration directly from the Arkansas nature scene and its creatures to bring home the Flyway brand aesthetic.

Once the first cans were released, Flyway sold over 25,000 cases of Bluewing within the first year and quickly recognized a demand for expansion into other regions outside of their home territory. The new can designs were also featured in two regional publications, Brewed In Arkansas and Rock City Eats, for their innovative and eye catching style. Additionally, several of the can designs won awards for design, earning a total of four Addy’s in 2019. But where all of this really matters is in sales, and Flyway’s new can designs have proven that outstanding design helps move great product.