Brewery Marketing and Beer Can Design

We created an immersive brand fit for the beer royalty of Memphis.

Soul & Spirits is a craft brewery rooted in tradition but thirsty for what’s next. With a Master Brewer at the helm, they wanted a brand that could convey the quality and complexity of what they pour. But their love of storytelling and Memphis music also invited this brand to have a soulful, artistic side. Enter Harvest, to weave it all together.

The beer they brew is inspired by the rich musical tradition of Memphis and the South. So, we set our illustrators to work to create bold yet intricate artwork for each one that pays homage to the song that inspired it. They wanted this brand to come to life experientially, so we developed an immersive taproom environment with design elements in every interaction. Their packaging includes custom QR codes that invite drinkers to enjoy each beer while listening to the song that inspired the recipe. Drinking a Soul & Spirits brew is the real deal, y’all, and they want you to enjoy every sip.

From the brand’s logo, to the artwork for each beer, to the taproom experience, to the website, it’s been a blast to work with Ryan and Blair on their pride and joy. Come find us at their taproom and we’ll buy you a beer to chat more.

The Challenge

The Work

We teamed up with Soul and Spirits knowing they needed us to create a comprehensive brand that was rooted in tradition. From their logo, to their beer cans and everything in between, we wanted to provide them with a brand to generate buzz around their opening and beyond to showcase their innovative and soulful brews.

Soul & Spirits delivered a diverse array of fresh new brews. We delivered a cohesive array of branding and marketing items that can be seen in every aspect of their operation, from the brewery itself to their presence online.

The Result

A line of beers that’ll ‘Bring It Home’

Developed the overall branding, logo, and brand style guide Planned, designed, and produced all interior and exterior signage for the taproom Designed bespoke illustrations for 20+ beer cans, inspired by the songs they’re named after Designed & developed website, including each QR code’s destination with embedded Spotify songs Designed and produced their entire line of merchandise Created multimedia social assets for the client to use across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook