Lifestyle brand development and community building for Victory Bicycle Studio.

Victory had an identity, and we helped them evolve into a living, breathing, hill-climbing brand.

What makes a lifestyle? Victory knows it’s building a community of people around an interest and anchored in stellar support. But it also doesn’t hurt to have killer merch, products to help customers win, an online communication structure, and a retail space that invites a hangout. 

Victory already had the best bike shop in the Mid-South, we just helped the in-store and online customer experience reflect that. As they created the biking community in Memphis, we helped develop that community into a branded lifestyle. From product and merchandise design to sub-brand development, a storefront revamp to event branding, we’ve been along for the ride.

The Challenge

The Work

Built and expanded an immersive brand Incorporate that brand into retail space design and signage Develop digital and other community building comms such as emails, social media posts and landing pages to brand a growing community Design and produce branded apparel and merchandise to empower the Victory community to live the brand

The Result

More Than Just a Bike Shop

Harvest not only fleshed out the Victory brand, but developed a strategy of sub brands to accommodate all offerings and audiences. The right collaboration of Victory’s expertise and Harvest’s design and execution chops created an engine of content and branded touchpoints. From producing swag for events to landing pages for training groups, we’ve loved helping to grow Victory’s community into more than just a bike shop.