For over 45 years, Wendy’s has stood out for their dedication to quality and service. That continued dedication led Wendy’s to re-energize every aspect of their brand, enhancing the customer experience from the ground up. When it came time to revamp their famous Kids’ Meal, Wendy’s turned to Harvest for an innovative solution that would fit cohesively with the other new brand elements and reach children and parents like never before.

The Challenge

The Work

Create a strategy that builds brand equity in the Wendy’s Kids’ Meal identity instead of the license partner for each toy program. Develop a recognizable logo in line with the overall Wendy’s rebranding efforts, but stands on its own for the Kids’ Meal program and has a playful edge. Build a style guide to ensure the Wendy’s Kids’ Meal brand is consistently executed. Design a distinct new meal bag and POP program, featuring a specialty retail feel while clearly differentiating Wendy’s from all QSR competitors.

The Result

With the help of Harvest, Wendy’s is breaking outside of the standard licensing strategy that has governed the QSR industry and shifting the focus to their own proprietary content. This shift spotlights the Wendy’s brand and allows them to present their own consistent brand message. The new Kids’ Meal collateral was released at Wendy’s locations across North America. The new identity system is clean, precise, flexible and playful. Harvest delivered a brand guideline to serve as the foundation for the brand to grow and flourish. This guideline ensures everyone who interacts with the brand understands how to properly utilize all of the various elements constructed. Wendy’s now clearly stands apart from all QSR competitors.